I fell in love, late in life, with a vulnerable narcissist and found myself, a few years later, with a barely walking child, a pile of uncovered deceit and my whole world crumbling around me. I spent years trying not to give up and now I’m doing my best to stay strong and steady as the abuse keeps coming, even now that I’m free.

I never lost myself, but I lost a lot. Some that I can never have back.

I’m one of the lucky ones because he never stole me. I hope to help others understand this world, even just a little, in order to help support their friends and family as they live in something that is so lonely and isolating. And – maybe – to help even one single person to never be as lost as some of us get in the gaslight.

All of these posts are from my perspective as a survivor of emotional/psychological abuse. I am not a medical or psychiatric professional and cannot make any diagnoses nor attest to the mental health of anyone, including x. That said, my experience ticks all of the boxes for narcissistic abuse so even if x is not medically defined as a Narcissist, the behaviors and actions taken are in line with what I came to understand as that type of abuse. This is my story and I tell it honestly and in good faith.

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