One Decade, Three Women

Ten years ago tomorrow, I stood, alone, in the kitchen of a man I thought I loved, after he’d already left for work, and looked around and took one deep, deep breath that I exhaled in several short bursts and said, out loud up toward the ceiling of his tiny, perfect little house: I can’tContinue reading “One Decade, Three Women”


A few days after Thanksgiving last year, I sat in my car, rain pounding on the windshield and my four year old daughter in the backseat, holding my phone to my ear as I explained to a police officer over the phone why the complaint that x was filing at the precinct right then wasContinue reading “Gratitude”

Obviously Contentious

The pounding on the door had been going on pretty much nonstop for more than twenty minutes. So hard that a painting in the stairwell had gone crooked. My daughter was covering her ears and asking when it would stop. She asked who it was. I didn’t know, in those long long moments, if tellingContinue reading “Obviously Contentious”

Slandered & Shell-Shocked: Silence is the Double Edged Sword

(This post is another from my personal blog from pre-COVID times – approximately six months out from the end.) …after my dreaded beheading I tied that sucker back on with a string and I guess I’m pretty different now, considering… Manhole by Ani Difranco Today I went for an early(ish) morning walk with my daughterContinue reading “Slandered & Shell-Shocked: Silence is the Double Edged Sword”

Sharing the Sadness

Sometimes something happens that you know you need to share with friends or family or anyone who can help you let go of the worst of it. Help you figure out how not to be paralyzed by it. And sometimes those same things make you want to shut your mouth for a long time. BecauseContinue reading “Sharing the Sadness”


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