Thank You for Not Ghosting Me

As I weather an uptick in post-separation abuse, I have again started leaning heavily on my closest friends. I thought it was a good time to bring over this post from February, when I was still muddled and clawing my way out of the fog and became so very aware of how lucky I haveContinue reading “Thank You for Not Ghosting Me”

Slandered & Shell-Shocked: Silence is the Double Edged Sword

(This post is another from my personal blog from pre-COVID times – approximately six months out from the end.) …after my dreaded beheading I tied that sucker back on with a string and I guess I’m pretty different now, considering… Manhole by Ani Difranco Today I went for an early(ish) morning walk with my daughterContinue reading “Slandered & Shell-Shocked: Silence is the Double Edged Sword”

Not So Little Conversations

Like a book with missing pagesLike a story incompleteLike a painting left unfinishedIt feels like not enough to eat. – Little Conversations, Concrete Blonde I’m acutely aware of time sailing by at breakneck speed these days. Even when, in theory, it should feel like trying to drain the last of the honey jar now thatContinue reading “Not So Little Conversations”

Natural Consequences

(This post was written pre-COVID and during my original paternity case) This morning, my daughter, yet again, wasn’t ready on time. She’s barely five. This happens, right? All parents know this. Right? She suddenly doesn’t like going to school. Might have to do with her father and I finally splitting for good a few monthsContinue reading “Natural Consequences”